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Customs Clearance

We provide customs brokerage services to a wide range of businesses, from large corporate businesses to home based businesses.  With over 20 years of combined experience in the Customs Brokerage industry, our Certified Customs Specialist can help you with all your clearance needs.

1. Receiving the Clearance Request

When your goods ship from the U.S., the transport company will pick up your goods   and place their barcoded sticker on the invoice, along with border crossing details faxed to us for customs clearance.

2.Reporting the goods to Canada Customs

We will then process the entry through Canada Customs by reporting the goods to customs using the Cargo Control number.

3. Release of goods through Customs Broker

Once the truck shows up at the border booth, the customs officer will scan the barcode and verify that we have accounted for the taxes and duties (if applicable).
Once verified, the officer will make a decision and release the shipment into Canada for delivery.

4. Examination of Shipment

Canada Customs will randomly select shipments to be examined.  Missing or incomplete paperwork can delay the customs clearance and may lead to examination.

***It is very important that a customs broker be set up before your shipment is shipped to avoid any potential clearance delays.***

Most transport companies will not pick up your goods from a shipper unless a customs broker is referenced on the paperwork.

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Whether it be a commercial or personal customs clearance, we can help.  We clear all types of commercial and personal shipments, including Canada Post clearances for shipments valued above $1600.00 that require an RMD package.  Call us for a no obligation quote and start saving today.